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"... Along the coast road by the headland,
the early lights of winter glow.
I'll pour a cup to you my darling.
And raise it up say Cheerio ..."


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Why this page?

This site is my personal tribute to Jethro Tull, the band that in their 33-year existence turned out to be a musical love for life and to their music and lyrics that got so intensely intertwined with my personal history. Back in 1968 I was a 16 year old youngster who in those days could not foresee, that this band would have such an impact. Well, I'm glad it happened.

Ever since I bought Aqualung in 1971 I toyed with the idea to "do something" with these captivating lyrics. I started studying them, making notes, treating these songs like the poetry I had to study for the French, English and Dutch classes I took at that time and that I loved so much.

When I got access to the internet six years ago I noticed to my astonishment that I wasn't the only one who studied Ian's lyrics, for they were discussed there by people from all continents. All these comments and information in newsgroups, forums, websites and by email shouldn't be lost in my opinion. So I started gathering them and while corresponding with my dear Tull-friend Kyle Barnett, who sadly passed away in June 1998, the idea rose to start a project.

The decisive motive for designing my own website however sprang directly from my profession. I work at a teachers' trainings college and therefore am interested in how the internet can contribute to education. So, just to fathom the character of this relatively new medium, I decided to learn myself how to develop an informative website on one subject. Maybe the new acquired skills and experiences could help me when training students in applying the internet for educational purposes in primary education?

The author's identity revealed, hiking in Cornwall, looking for Pussy Willows, Heavy Horses and Jacks-In-The-Green.

So here it is. "Cup Of Wonder" was designed to offer a possibility to study Ian Anderson's lyrics. Apart from all the songs written between 1968 and 1999 you will find all kinds of background information and comments on the contents of the lyrics, references made in the texts, additional information such as maps, pictures, relevant links to other websites, etc. The site is primary text-based and I added only illustrations where I thought them functional and supporting the annotations.

I want to state that I do not have the pretention to know or understand it all and if I am to be considered an expert on Tull lyrics, remember that I would only be so because of the help of fans from all over the globe. Apart from the factual information presented here, I added many of my personal interpretations. It has never been my intention to over-intellectualise or dissect Anderson's lyrics in a way that would harm the integrity of his art. On the contrary: the aim of "Cup Of Wonder" is to evoke discussions and appreciation of the lyrics. An important feature of Ian's art is that it can be interpreted in many ways. To put it more strongly: there are as many Jethro Tulls as there are Tull-fans. So why not exchange our views?

This site will be permanently under construction, as long as the discussions continue and Jethro Tull keeps on going. Every week new information is added and I have some new features in store for you. If you have any comments, information or remarks, that may lead to appreciate Ian Anderson's lyrics even more than they already do now, please feel free to email me. Once I have found them serious I will add them to the song(s) in question, crediting 'the informer'. I thus hope to create a platform for studying, discussing and most of all enjoying the lyrics of our songsmith and "singer of these ageless times", Ian Anderson.

Take care,


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Jan Voorbij (1998-2009)