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and I'm not concerned with righting wrongs,
just asking questions that belong
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For this compilation, including the annotations, I made use of the following persons' services and resources:

  • The lyrics were carefully compared to the album covers of the official released JT-albums and to the by Ian Anderson authorised lyrics in "Jethro Tull 25th, Songbook" (edited by Karl Schramm, Palmyra Publishers, Heidelberg, Germany, 1997). The lines were however reordered to the way Ian sings them on record.

  • Sources for additional information on the lyrics were the respective album covers and booklets, articles, interviews and books on Tull. Many comments are/were sent to me by email (see the list of contributors below). Thanks, guys, and please go on doing so!

  • I would like to thank Kyle Barnett for his help on reconstructing c.q. deciphering the lyrics of 'So Much Trouble', 'To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be' and 'John Barleycorn'. This three song texts, that by my knowledge never have appeared in print before, were added to this page. Special, posthumous thanks go out to Kyle for his encouragement to achieve this work. We intended to do this together and made plans for it, but his passing away in June 1998 alas ended our cordial coöperation.

  • As it is my policy to credit every one who in what ever way contributes to this site, it is "with a heavy heart" (no, not horse), that I 'borrowed' photographs from several Tull-sites, as I cannot trace the fan who put them on the web in the first place. If anyone among you owns the original rights and feels I violated them, please email me. The Tull-tree image and button I made myself; they were adapted from the 20 Years Of Jethro Tull - book, that came with the album (Zarkowski-designs).

  • My special thanks go out to Neil R. Thomason and Andrew Jackson, two British fans who constantly come up with new information and corrections. They help me out especcially when typical British elements in Ian's lyrics need to be elucidated, and/or when I'm fighting one of my duels with the English grammar and spelling.......

  • The same goes for the information I used from a paper concerning Tull's development, written by Judson C.Caswell. He wrote the astute paper "Minstrel in the gallery, history in the music of Jethro Tull" (1993), published in the SCC. Jud writes music himself, recorded three albums and some of his songs are inspired by the music of Ian Anderson. There is more information on his site.

  • Another "thank you" goes out to John Benninghouse, the author of the second paper who allowed me to use information from his paper "Songs from the wood, the music and lyrics of Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull". His astute observations provided me with new insights.

  • The article "Love from the fields: the imagery of pagan Britain in the songs of Ian Anderson", written by Peg Aloi, was first published in Obsidian Magazine. Thank you Peg for your offer to re-issue it here on this site for every interested follower to read and study.

  • Finally I would like to thank all those fans-from-all-continents who encouraged and supported me by sending in their comments, views and insights regarding Ian's lyrics or granted me the permission to borrow their photographs and illustrations. YOU really make me go! So here it is: my own little Hall Of Fame:
  • My wife Bien and my children Simon, Anne and Rachel (for their support and giving me "room to move") and "far-flung Tull friends":
    Ivar Aasheim, Ghayya Al Amine, Willi Albin, Sean Albright, Jessica Alexander, Bob Allred, Roger Anderson, Eric Artefeuille, Clemens Bayer, Willem Bemboom (+), Daniël Benchimol, Mark Best, Dave Bevis, Adam Bodkin, Andy Bowyer, Paul Bradforth, Luud de Brouwer, Julian Burnell, D. Cald, Alex Canduci
    , Rocco Casagrande, George Cassuto, Victor Ciofoaia, Mark Colman, Dennis Crothers, Bob D., Mark Davis, Elwyn Davies, George Dietz, Dik Delfsma, Emil Engelund, Mark Enright, Barbara Espinoza, Alberto Ferreira, Oran Fitzgibbon, Lars Fuglesang, M. Freese, Dave Gerber, Gerrit de Geus, Alexander Glasgow, Scott Gordon, David Keith Graham, Fred Greve, Norman Griffiths, Steve Gugerty, Bill Gumby, Chris de Haan, Ina Hacker, Julie Hankinson, Albert Hansen, Warren Hiskett, Alan Hodgson, Christine Hoff, Jim Hofweber, Rantz Hoseley, Lothar Hussong, Emil T. Ingelund, Alan Jolley, Jennie Jones, Juha, Martha Klassanos, Jessica Knight, Bruce Knoll, Matthew Korn, Varun Krishna, John W. Loosemore, Michael Megerian, Dave Morris, Jyrki Myllylä, John LaFazzia, Marco Laufenberg, Kevin Lees, Tom & Fritz Liebich, Jeroen Louis, Alex Lozupone, Ian MacFarland, Alexander MacLennan, March the mad scientist, Patrick Marks, Mary, Frank Mathie, Bernie Matthews, Pete McHugh, André Meier, Diego Meozzi, Mark Messina, Lawrence Moseley, Arup Nandi, Steven O'Mullan, Robert Pahre, Marlowe Peck, Pamela, Pelerin, Dustin Poe, Theron Quist, Armin Raab, Arend Raifsnider, RBofC, Reddred, David Rees, Graeme Robertson, Ivory Rodriguez, Maciek Rolski, Bruce Rusk, Greg Russo, Dag Sandbu, D. Scocca, Kevin Shaw, Harrison Sherwood, Tom Silvestri, Kevin Smith, Paul Smith, Fred Sowa, Don Spade, Alison Stenning, Keith Suding, Steven Sullivan, Fred Swan, Aldo Tagliaferro, Paul Tarvydas, David Tatham, Sam Thirouin, Jay Thomas, Kevin Thurston, Ryan Tolnay, Elad Unna, Ron Unna, Phil Vaughn, Lukas Was, John White, Whitey, Hay Willemsen, Evan Williams, Matt Willis, Abel Wisman, Colin Wright, Koen Wynkoop.


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