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Jethro Tull in May 1968

Jethro Tull in 1968. Courtesy Glenn Cornick).

"Blues were my favourite colour,
till I looked around and found another song,
that I felt like singing.
Trying so hard to reach you;
playing what must be played, what must be sung -
and it's what I'm singing.
Talking to people in my way".

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Below you will find a list of officially released albums. Lyrics of songs that have been released more than once (e.g. Locomotive Breath, Hunting Girl) can be found on the original albums, that is to say: the albums on which they were first included.

Album-titles with a and/or -button contain an introduction, annotations additional information. Just click to get there directly. Please feel free to mail me your own comments and your interpretations.

The song list contains all song titles. To these titles links are added, that will direct you to the lyrics and the annotations. For the sake of reference titles of instrumental albums and pieces are included as well.


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