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C.O.W. Award

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  1. The "Cup Of Wonder Award" is in its own modest way intended to stimulate the informational quality of the internet when it comes to websites about rock music in the broad sense of the word.
  2. It will only be granted to webmasters who composed a high quality informative site on musicians, bands or aspects of rock music - webmasters, who have the nerve and persistance to build sites that really offer something special when it comes to information. The size of the site doesn't matter: it's quality that counts here.
  3. It's up to the award winners which image they want to add to their page. They can choose the image above and / or:

Flint: Angle With Holy Grail The Poet

Blake: The Ancient Of Days Passion Masks

(Artwork by Andy Jackson)

  1. Now here is where you - the visitors - come in. If there are sites on rock music you like very much for their informational quality, or if you built and maintain one yourself and would like to apply, please mail me the URL and I will check if it meets following criteria:

    The suggested site deals with a band, artist or specific aspects of rock music in the broad sense of the word.

  2. The suggested site contains a substantial amount of information, preferably well documented and referring to resources.

  3. The suggested site is written in the English language, loads relatively fast, has a user-friendly design and layout and is easy to navigate.

  4. The suggested site is maintained and updated regularly.

  5. The suggested site is non-commercial.

  6. The award will be granted to only ONE site per band, artist or aspect of rock.

  8. The following sites were selected for the
    "Cup Of Wonder Award":




APP ballerina

Email: webmaster

Last modified: September 14 - 2005

Launched: November 18 - 2000,
at the occasion of C.O.W.'s 2nd anniversay.

Jan Voorbij (1998-2009)