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The Jethro Tull Album List

All the officially released albums are here. Clicking on a title will lead you directly to the lyrics of the selected album. Album titles with the 'tree-button' contain annotations and additional information.

The Jethro Tull Song List

Are you looking for a specific song? Click to get to the lyrics directly. Song titles with the 'tree-button' contain annotations and additional information.


This corner of my site contains essays and papers on the music, lyrics, career, concerts and other things Tull. Especially meant for the more intellectual oriented fans among us ....


Here you will find information about some books and works of reference on Jethro Tull, that I would like to recommend. They proved to be helpful while annotating Ian's lyrics.


There are more than 100 websites devoted to Jethro Tull. I selected some the most original and informative ones, sites that offer the visitor something special.


Here you find a collection of live played but unreleased tracks, most of them instrumental pieces. They originate from audience recordings made during concerts.


There are dozens of clips of Jethro Tull to be found on the internet. Most of them were filmed during concerts, while others served as promotional material. I made a selection of the more interesting ones.

Acknowledgements & Resources

For who is interested in the sources I used for the information on this site: you will find them all here, including the names of friends-in-Tull who offered their help.

About & Awards

Some notes of a more autobiographical nature and about the "why" and "how" of this site. And some of the awards "CupOf Wonder" was granted by way of pat on the shoulder ;-).

Cup Of Wonder Site Search

Looking for a specific word, name, place, album title, song title or verseline? The engine below will quickly screen the contents of this site:


In memory of my virtual Tull-friend and lyric-wizard:
Kyle Barnett, + 24th of June 1998

"I think music of all kinds should require an effort from everyone involved. Both musicians and audience should be struggling toward something, even if it's not necessarily the same thing. To be getting somewhere to communication, they should both be growing and climbing toward something - making an effort. And probably not getting there .... Which raises all sorts of questions, the question of art for one."

(Ian Anderson in Rolling Stone, July 1971)

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