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February 1 2012: Thick As A Brick sequel to be released April 2nd and played live!

Ian Anderson on The Official Jethro Tull site: "Now, scheduled for performance again in 2012, I will take the original album and this follow-up recording, TAAB2, to a theatre near you. So, forty years on, what would Gerald Bostock (aged fifty in 2012), be doing today? What might have befallen him? The theme of this anniversary PART TWO album is to examine the possible different paths that the precocious young schoolboy, Gerald Bostock, might have taken later in life and to create alter-ego characters whose song-section identities illustrate the hugely varied potential twists and turns of fate and opportunity. Not just for Gerald but to echo how our own lives develop, change direction and ultimately conclude through chance encounters and interventions, however tiny and insignificant they might seem at the time."

January 4 2012: Martin Barre: "Jethro Tull is on ice"

Martin Barre, the 65-year-old guitarist for legendary British band Jethro Tull, said that the group will never record another album. In a telephone interview with the online Kinston Free Press Daily Podcast that was set up primarily to discuss the 40th anniversary of the band's triple-platinum LP, "Aqualung," Barre was asked about whether there will be a new Jethro Tull studio album, Barre didn't hesitate. "No, there won't be," he immediately answered. When asked for a reason, he said, "Jethro Tull is on ice." He then added that he also has solo projects planned during that time. He said he and Anderson will tour the world separately, each playing the music of Jethro Tull. Barre said his band will include as many as three current or former Tull members. Up to now Ian Anderson did not comment on this on the Official Jethro Tull site.

October 5 2011: "Thick As A Brick" to be played in 2012 tour

Ian Anderson performs Thick As A Brick in its entirety for the first time since 1972, going out for a world tour commencing in the UK in Mid-April. Then, it's on to European countries in the late Spring and Summer before landing in the USA for two tours spanning September, October and early November. More info.

July 27 2011: Meet Tull fans worldwide!

New Jethro Tull Discussion board started here.

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For  40 years I have been a critical follower of Jethro Tull. I love this band both for their music, their lyrics and for the innovative, original and independent way their eclectic music has evolved over the years, taking the best out of all kinds of musical traditions and adding personal taste and creativity to it.

This site is my "labour of love", my personal tribute to Jethro Tull, the band that in their 40-year existence turned out to be a musical love for life and to their music and lyrics. One of the things that really intrigue me is that both music and lyrics of this fabulous band transcend any genre or style.

The main subject of this site is: the lyrics written by Ian Anderson, the creative foreman of Jethro Tull. It contains all the songs written between 1968 and 2003, both on the group-albums and Ian's solo-albums as well.

Most of these lyrics are complex and not at all easy to understand. In the poetic sense, I find them beautiful and imaginative. With the help of friends-in-Tull all over the world I tried to make these lyrics more comprehensible (not that I understand or know all of it myself, mind you!). Hence the title of this site: Cup Of Wonder.

This site is intended as a platform for studying, discussing and most of all enjoying the lyrics of our songsmith and "singer of these ageless times", Ian Anderson.

Jan Voorbij
(IJsselstein, The Netherlands)



since November 18 1998.

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