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The Phantoms Of 3000 Years : A Look At
Some Of The Myths Behind The Music Of Jethro Tull
by Alan J. Hodgson (revised edition 2009)

The Czech & Slovak Tull Fan Club  (2009)

Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull: Too old to rock 'n' roll, too young to die!
by Repik Vladimir (2006)

Jethro Tull - Fotografiën von Didi Zill
by Didi Zill and Hermann Büchner (2003)

It's For You! The Magic And Musical Mayhem Of Jethro Tull
by Brian Rabey (due for release in 2003)

Jethro Tull - The Pocket Essential Guide
by Raymond Benson (2002)

Jethro Tull, a history of the band, 1968 - 2001
by Scott Allen Nollen (2002)

Flying Colours : The Jethro Tull Reference Manual
by Greg Russo (2000)

The Phantoms Of 3000 Years : A Look At
Some Of The Myths Behind The Music Of Jethro Tull
by Alan J. Hodgson (2009)

Driving In Diverse : A Collective Profile Of Jethro Tull
by Barbara Espinoza (1999)

Minstrels In The Gallery : A History Of Jethro Tull
by David Rees (1998)
Minstrels In The Gallery : Die Geschichte von Jethro Tull
by David Rees - German translation (2001)

Jethro Tull 25, Complete Lyrics
by Karl Schramm (ed.), Gerard J. Burns (ed.), (1997, reïssued: 2000))

Jethro Tull
by Javier de Juan (1984)

To Be The Play
by Brian Meyers (1978)


by Didi Zill and Hermann Büchner (2003)

Didi Zill Book

Photographer Didi Zill is a longtime fan of Jethro Tull. Over the years he met the band on several occasions and in different circumstances and made hundreds of photographs. From his photo sessions with Jethro Tull over the years Zill composed a wonderful selection from his work, which was released in November in the format of a so-called "coffee-table book". The collection contains many photos that were never published before and show clearly Zill's skill as a photographer. Some of the pics were published in the German music magazines in the seventies.

The book starts with a preface in which the uniqueness of Jethro Tull is stressed and the release of this collection is justified. Each section of the book describes Tull's development in a certain era and Zill's recollections of the specific photo sessions. Büchner, who wrote these historical overviews, succeeds in portraying the band well, without losing himself in heaps of details. Thanks to this quality, the texts support the images and place them in context. The texts are all in German and English as well. The first section contains photos taken in Los Angeles in 1969 in the days that the band was at the verge of their breakthrough in the USA. Four young blokes and a lot of hair.... The next contains pics taken in Offenburg, Germany, in 1972 and seems to refer to the humour of Monty Python and Tull's keenness for visual acts on stage. Wonderful pictures from the 1973 Munich concert give an impression of how powerful the band was on stage in these days, which also goes for the 1976 Rotterdam concert.  One of the highlights of the collection are the pictures taken in July 1984 at Ian's home in Buckinghamshire, with shots of the new Tull line up and of Ian, his family (Shona, James and Gail) and his newly acquired estate. Live photos fill the 1987 section: Tull's concert in Munich with some great shots of the audience. From this point on the pictures mainly focus on Ian as a performer, but there are also some great ones of Martin and his Hamer guitar - the same guitar that helped Tull win a Grammy for Crest Of A Knave....

As a longtime Tull follower I consider this book as a very special item for any Tull-fan. Everytime when I look into it and turn the pages, my own commitment with the band and the years of musical pleasure and enjoying their concerts are evoked  The pictures bring back recollections of wonderful experiences. In a way they somehow date my own life.... I take that this book offers each fan a personal experience in that regards and maybe that is why it is essentially speaking so valuable. The book offers a history of Tull in thrilling pictures and well-written texts and covers the era in which the guys were one of the biggest and most interesting bands in the world. In that regard, this sturdy volume certainly is a collectors' item and well worth the money. The only minor point about this book is imho that the folding runs across the centerpart of some of the most exquisite  pictures. But hey: we can't have it all, can we?. Châpeau for Zill and Büchner for this contribution. 

Edited by: Schwarzkopf & Schwartzkopf Verlag, Berlin, Germany. ISBN: 3-89602-462-0,333 pp, price Euro 49,80; available at Amazon Germany.

The Czech & Slovak Tull Fan Club (2009)

"Jethro Tull in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown" is describing the history of 20 years JT touring the Czech Republic. The book was put together by the members of the Czech and Slovak Jethro Tull Fan Club. Readers will find loads of photos from the Czech gigs in it, as well as many views, fans´ confessions and views plus memorabilia facsimile. The book is in Czech, but it also contains the brief summary in English.

The book can be ordered at www.volvox.cz, the contact e-mail is mailto:volvox@volvox.cz. 

JETHRO TULL - The Pocket Essential Guide
by Raymond Benson (2002)

Author Raymond Benson looks at this legendary rock band and analyzes its place in pop music history. He examines every Jethro Tull album — track listing, personnel, cover art, recording history, and content. A handy rating system informs Tull newbies where to start and provides longtime fans with fodder for debate. A book for both the casual and hard-core fan, Jethro Tull is an insightful companion to enhance one’s listening pleasure. The book is released to coincide with Jethro Tull's 35th anniversary in 2003.

Available at Pocket Essentials or Amazon UK. ISBN: 1904048188, 96pp, price £3.99

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by Scott Allen Nollen (2002)

This is a very well documented history of the band through the present, written by an acquaintance of several of its members. The book includes a chronology of all of the band’s recordings and information on all accompanying tours, with the author’s critiques as well as the band’s own reminiscences and opinions of each album. It's the first book on Tull that offers an interesting musical description of most of the songs and albums in general and as a consequence makes clear how Tull developed musically. Also included are previously unpublished interviews with founder Ian Anderson, long-time band member David Pegg, other band members Glenn Cornick, Andy Giddings and Doane Perry, and more. Ian wrote a classic, wonderfully witty foreword, and Dave Pegg wrote the heartfelt afterword (which thanks the fans).  Both Glenn Cornick and Doane Perry, as well as Ian, proofread the manuscript and made corrections and suggestions. Ian himself provided 16 previously unpublished photographs from his personal collection, ranging from the early 70s to 1999. Tull fans will love these! Glenn Cornick also supplied several rare photos. The book is the most well-balanced one on Tull. Though being a Tull-fan, Nollen managed to keep enough distance to his subject to write an "unaffected" history of the band. Highly recommended.
* Jan Voorbij

Description: The book is a a large format illustrated softcover.
368pp. photographs, appendices, notes, bibliography, index $39.95 softcover 2002; ISBN: 0-7864-1101-5.
Availability: The book can be ordered online:
McFarland and Company, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina, USA, 28640; order line 1-800-253-2187.

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FLYING COLOURS, The Jethro Tull Reference Manual
by Greg Russo (2000)

Jethro Tull has provided fans with enjoyable and challenging music for over three decades. No other band has featured such a wide range of musicians and personalities. Through mainstay Ian Anderson's forward-thinking musical direction and intelligent lyrical perceptions on life, Jethro Tull has skirted every musical trend and endured longer than nearly all of their contemporaries.
This is Greg Russo's fifth book and contains everything a Tull fan would ever need in one place: a complete band history, detailed song analysis, a gig list and the most amazing group and solo discographies ever compiled. This is the bible for Tullies worldwide!

There is an updated first edition of the book available now..New information was added about the "classic"Tull era since Glenn Cornick and Clive Bunker contributed quite a bit of new information.  Russo had exclusive access to Cornick's diaries, which nailed down quite a bit of information and proved that Ian was wrong in some cases!  Corrections were made, the recording dates have been refined, updated with all concerts that took place during the year 2000 and many missing concert dates from the early days have now been captured.

Description: paperback, 256 pp., 1st edition, updated version (July, 2000), Crossfire Pub; ISBN: 0-9648157-6-1
Availability: In North-America the book can be ordered at: Crossfire Publications, P.O. Box 20406, Floral Park, New York 11002 USA
. Outside North America, the book is available from: John Arkle, 2 Buryfield, Bury, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE17 1LE, England. The price per book is $22.95 US plus $7.50 postage. Orders can be faxed or called in to John Arkle at +(01487) 814752 or faxed to Crossfire Publications. VISA and Mastercard accepted. The book can also be ordered online at Amazon Books, were readers' reviews are added.

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THE PHANTOMS OF 3000 YEARS : A Look At Some Of The Myths Behind The Music Of Jethro Tull
by Alan J. Hodgson (revised and extended edition, 2009)

This very informative booklet is the fruit of extensive research and aims at fans who are interested in the folk aspect of the music of Jethro Tull. It contains 15 insightful essays and 5 poems. To all of them footnotes are added. Some of the essays began their life as a series of articles for "Living In The Past - The Alternative Jethro Tull Fanzine", but were all reworked for this booklet. The essays give background information on aspects of English folklore so many Tull-songs are referring to or based on: Dark Ages, Beltane, Broadsword, Cold wind to Walhalla, Kelpie, Coronach, Cup of wonder, Dun Ringill, Jack-in-the-Green, Mayhem maybe, Songs from the wood, The minstrel in the gallery, Velvet green, Weathercock and Witches promise. Really worth reading, it proved to be beneficial when annotating Ian's folk-oriented songs. Not only are the essays very informative, they also evoke the atmoshere of adventure and myth as a result of the style(s) they were written in. Highly recommended.
* Jan Voorbij

Price (including postage & packing) £7.99 UK , €10 Europe, $17 USA .  Cheque, PO or cash to A Hodgson. Orders despatched by return of post. Available from Stormwatch Publications, 48 Kirkgate (off Church Lane ), Birstall, West Yorkshire, England, WF17 9PB

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DRIVING IN DIVERSE - A Collective Profile Of Jethro Tull
by Barbara Espinoza (1999)

Barbara Espinoza in her book also describes Jethro Tull’s genesis albeit from a different, almost empathic perspective, covering different aspects. In a fluent, energetic style she outlines the history of the band in a way that shows a talent for blending the right major events with significant details, focussing on the essential developments instead of getting lost in a sea of details. The second chapter, "The Followers Perspective" is about us, the peculiar breed known as Tull-fans. This book is to my knowledge the first one that stresses the importance of followers for the band in terms of ‘keeping them going’ and in which a serious attempt is undertaken to shed light on personal experiences of Tull-followers. In other words: what makes this music so dear to them? Based on interviews and information available on opinion-pages of websites, Barbara portrays the diversity of followers and what binds them together. Then the music itself is submitted to an analysis. Each album is briefly reviewed and several pieces are commented on by a musicologist. These comments are in itself encouragements to re-listen to songs we have known for so long. The second half of the book contains interesting interviews with Glenn Cornick, Clive Bunker, Tony Williams, Mick Abrahams, Jeffrey Hammond and – of course – Ian Anderson, shining light on motives, experiences, intentions and personal histories in relation to Jethro Tull. The last section of the book contains a list of resources and a photo gallery with 25 rare b/w photographs. This book would not be my first pick when looking for information or references, but it surely would be if I would like to learn more about the atmosphere in and around the band. And that is exactly what I particularly like this book for. As it is "driving in diverse" it definitely adds something substantial to what is known about Tull in other books, articles and on the internet. Highly recommended.
* Jan Voorbij

Description: Morris Publishing, Kearney, NE, USA, 1999 ; ISBN 0739203304; 209 pp. with b/w pictures, bibliography; paperback.
Availability: If you would like to order a copy the price is $19.95 (U.S. FUNDS)  +  Shipping and handling, Approximate charges, $3.95 for Continental United States shipments ( International Rates will be posted soon), for a total cost of $23.90. Please send check or money order to:
Barbara Espinoza, C/O Driving In Diverse, 5325 Century Ave #1, Middleton, WI 53562, USA or directly at

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