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Here is a selection of Tulllinks I would like to recommend:


The Official Jethro Tull Homepage:

  • David Coursey manages The Official Jethro Tull Website. It contains information about the band by band members, news, a diary, a discography, concert dates, flute pages and other interesting and interactive features. *

Overall information:

  • Laufi's Jethro Tull World is the very informative and well designed website with many features, owned by Marco Laufenberg, a German fan who somehow always manages to get the latest news first. Anyway, he sits closer to the fire than most of us do.
  • Andy Jackson is currently working on Jethro Tull Press, a collection of press articles and interviews spanning eventually Jethro Tull's entire career. *
  • A great site of reference is Pete McHugh's Electrocutas.Com - The Jethro Tull CD, Vinyl & Paper Archive. The site is loaded with with pictures and graphics from his immense collection: tour programmes, tour posters, hand bills, covers of 7" and 12" singles, bootleg albums and other collectibles: you'll find it all here. *

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The History Of Jethro Tull:

  • Here is an overview of Jethro Tull's history. More detailed information is to be found in Dave Rees' book "Minstrel in the Gallery : A history of Jethro Tull".

  • An overview of band members (past and present) and related bands is offered by The Jethro Tull Family Tree, and includes many interesting links.

  • Neil Thomasson works currently on another important aspect of Tull's history: the complete tour schedules since 1968, containing each and every gig and venue. Setlists are added and possibly - in due time - pictures and reviews too: The Ministry Of Information. *

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  • Dag Sandbu's site Collecting Tull contains a well worked out discography including cover art, tourprograms and other memorabilia. This is the place to look for trades and auctions. Recently Steen Hartov's site was integrated in Dag's which now is loaded with information concerning Jethro Tull's discography. It contains data of all (well, almost all, as he is still working on it) official and bootleg records, CD's, LP's, EP's and singles as well. For collectors this site is a valuable reference.

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Guitar tabs & sheet music:

  • Paco Gimenez just launched his new Tull-site "Welcome Home - The Jethro Tull Guitar Page", which is brimmed with guitar tabs and chord progression.

  • Books with sheet music of Jethro Tull songs are available at Sheet Music Plus+ and can be ordered here online.

  • Guitar Tabs with the tablatures for Aqualung, My God, Thick As A Brick (edit #1) and Locomotive Breath.

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The Virtual Tull Community:

  • Kevin Smith moderates a Tull mailing list, where fans discuss all things Tull. The overall quality of the contributions makes it worth while to submit to this list at his Talk Tull site.

  • Another great community is the Jethro Tull Board another place where over 200 fans exchange views and information. 

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Assorted Gems:

  • Neil Thomasson launched an ambitious project: The Ministry Of Information. It contains an in-depth interpretation of A Passion Play, Anderson's magus opus and lots of other interesting features.

  • For who is collecting audience recordings of Tull concerts, the site Keith Suding - Farm On The Highway has a lot of interesting information to offer.

  • Carl-Kristian Rundman from Finland offers an overview of his vast Tull cover versions, Tull songs performed and recorded by other artists: .

Band members (past & present):

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