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(1989 - 2001)


Men at work: Jethro Tull during the Dot Com Tour in 1999 (© Dennis Crothers)


  • 1989

  • Drowsy Maggy *
    Traditional British folk song rearranged by Jethro Tull. Played as part of the Pine Marten's Jig live medley at the 1989 and 1990 shows.
    *) Available as MP3

  • Folk Instrumental (untitled) *
    Played live in Atlanta, November 22 1989.
    *) Available as MP3

  • 1990

  • Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme
    A piece from Cantata No. 140 by J.S. Bach occasionally quoted during "Serenade To A Cuckoo".

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  • 1991

  • Tanz *
    This is the 6th piece of Carl Orffs "Camina Burana" and was recorded in the studio by Tull and played from tape for the opening of the 1991 shows.
    *) Available as MP3

  • Rip'n Guitar Solo *
    An instrumental piece, featuring Martin Barre, played during the same tour. It includes a short quote from The Whistler.
    *) Available as MP3
    here . Recorded at Frankfurt, Germany, December 30 1991.

  • 1992

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The song was performed live twice in Athens in 1992 with the Greek singer George Dalaras as special guest. In spite of the initial plan it was not released on the "A Little Light Music" album.

  • 1993

  • I Wonder Who *
    This blues classic, written by Alexis Korner, was played at some shows of the 25th Anniversary Tour. It features Mick Abrahams on guitar and Clive Bunker on drums. This piece was part of Tull's repertoire in the Marquee Club days, as Ian explains (1968).
    *) Available as MP3
    here, recorded in London on October 16, 1993. (Courtesy: Argus Wilson).

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  • Instrumental Improvisation *
    There is a song which they played in 1993 at the 25th anniversary convention in New York (Lonestar Roadhouse - April 25th). It is titled 'Instrumental Improvisation', a wonderful three and a half minute instrumental piece - flute (obviously) being the central instrument. Later to be retitled as "Andy Giddings' Parrot" and slightly changed.

    Instrumental composed and played by Martin Barre and Jethro Tull minus Ian. This piece was later released on Barre's album "A Trick Of Memory" (1994).

  • Andy Giddings' Parrot *
    Played live at the shows of 1993 - 1994.
    *) Available as MP3

  • Jam (untitled)
    Played life in 1993 at least during the 1993 Utrecht concert. It's a re-arranged outtake from "For A Thousand Mothers".

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  • 1994

  • Steal
    A live guitar instrumental that appeared on Martin Barre's album "A Trick Of Memory" (1994).

  • 1995

  • Dangle The Billies *
    A bass and drum solo played live throughout the Divinities concerts and 1996.
    *) Available as MP3
    here; recorded at Berlin, Germany, May 22 1995.

  • Note: there are at least five unidentified unreleased tracks from the "Roots To Branches" sessions.

  • Bells - Intro*
    This peculiar, almost "Floydian" taped introduction was opening every concert of the Roots To Branches Tour. Anderson explains what the concert will consist of and announces Martin Barre, accommpanied by tower vbells and weird noises. A different version was applied during the Divinities Tour, earlier in 1995.
    *) Available as MP3

  • Misère
    A live track composed by Martin Barre and later released on his solo album "The Meeting" (1996).

  • 1996

  • She Moved Through The Fair / Dust Devils *
    Used as part of a live medley during the 1996 shows. "She Moved Through The Fair" is traditional folk.
    *) Available as MP3

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  • 1997

  • Empty Café
    This Martin Barre song from his second album The Meeting was played during the Spokane gig on March 11 1997.

  • 1999

  • There remain two unidentified unreleased tracks from the "J-Tull Dot Com" sessions. The third was released later as a single: "It All trickles down".

  • Intro DotCom Tour *
    Opening instrumental played during the DotCom Tour.
    *) Available as MP3
    here. Recorded during the São Paulo concert, November 28, 1999.

  • Aquadiddley
    Instrumental, part of the encore medley. Played live for the first time during the Divinities tour of 1995 and on all tours up to 2000.

  • Martin Barre Instrumental *
    This piece contains several elements from musical pieces of Barre's album The Meeting. Played during the 1999 and 2000 tours.
    *) Available as MP3
    here. Recorded in Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 22 1999.

  • Drive* 
    Orchestral piece featuring Ian Anderson on flute from the film "Mystery, Alaska" (1999). It's not certain Ian wrote that piece, but the fluteplaying is surely his.
    *) Available as MP3 here.



  • Lowland Jig *
    During the Utrecht concert of June 12 2001, Jethro Tull for the first tme played a new instrumental piece that had only recently been composed while on the road in Germany. According to Doane Perry the piece consists of a combination of two other pieces. It remains to be untitled yet and was played in the set just before Aqualung.
    *) Available as MP3

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