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From the Chrysalis press release:

"The new compilation features 20 classic Tull tracks -- all of which have been 24-bit digitally remastered at London's Abbey Road Studios under the watchful eye of Jethro Tull founding member and frontman, Ian Anderson.

Fitting 20 songs into the CD's 78 minutes proved a challenge for Anderson, who chose the tracks personally. The challenge gave Anderson the opportunity to create brand new edits on 3 tracks -- ``Too Old To Rock `N' Roll: Too Young To Die,'' ``Minstrel In The Gallery'' and ``Heavy Horses.'' Of course, no 'best of' would be complete without the US Hits, ``Living In The Past,'' ``Bungle In The Jungle'' and ``Locomotive Breath'' as well as the staple Rock radio tracks, ``Thick As A Brick'' and ``Aqualung,'' which are all included here.

In addition to overseeing the remastering, Anderson penned liner notes to the album. In one passage, he mused, ``I used to think that compilations or `best of' albums were a bit of a cheap shot. You know: cash in on the odd hit single and album title track to attract the less than committed-not-quite-a-fan at the checkout counter of Thrifty Super-Saver.

``Then a weird thing happened: a few years ago, I found myself mostly buying other artists' best of creations to get the cream of the crop on one disc or perhaps to get a flavour of a band with whom I was only partially familiar. From The Stranglers and Pink Floyd to the creations of Irish, Palestinian or Western Classical musicians, my CD collection must be 50% compilation adventures into both familiar and other more dizzyingly different musical worlds,'' said Anderson.

Since the band's formation in 1968, Jethro Tull has released 29 albums and established itself as one of the truly creative exponents of progressive music throughout the `70s, `80s and `90s. The band has undergone line-up changes over the years (photos of all past & current members are included in the CD's booklet) but for the past 5 years has been comprised of Ian Anderson (flute, vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica and mandolin), Martin Barre (electric guitar), Doane Perry (drums), Andrew Giddings (keyboards) and Jonathan Noyce (bass)."


Living In The Past


Sweet Dream

The Whistler

Bungle In The Jungle

The Witch's Promise

Locomotive Reath

Steel Monkey

Thick As A Brick


Too Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Yound To Die
(edited version)

Life Is A Long Song

Songs From The Wood

New Day Yesterday

Heavy Horses
(edited version)


Roots To Branches

A Song For Jeffrey

Minstrel In The Gallery
(edited version)



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